Things Sure Are Different

The Mets lost on Opening Day for the first time in years yesterday.  This seems like the first sign that things are different this year.


Really, it’s just one game.  One game doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of a season.  There were plenty of good signs.


Emaus, in the middle of a rally in his Major League debut, worked the count and drew a walk to bring the tying run to the plate.


The Mets offense, the second Josh Johnson got a little tired, jumped all over him.


Carlos Beltran looked fine in right field, better than some of the Marlins looked defensively at positions they’d played for years.


Watching the disaster that the Astros closer was yesterday makes me happy that the Mets look to have a good bullpen, particularly one of the best relievers in the game.


This team had a lot of turnover from last year, and a new managing core.  It might take them some time to get their legs under them.  It may take a little while before they learned all their own strengths and weaknesses, and how they work best together.  Reyes and Emaus haven’t worked together up the middle that long.   Pitchers are still building up arm strength, and the bullpen will settle into more defined roles as they get some innings in.


Okay, time to fry some fish.  Still plenty of opportunity to win this series.

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