The7Line, Stem Cells, One-Out Wins and Above Their Heads

A quick link dump here.  I don’t spend enough time promoting the other fans and bloggers out there that deserve mentioning.  First up we’ve got an article in the Daily News about Darren Meenan, the creator of The7line  who’s making all the cool Mets gear MLB is afraid to print.  I met him at the Apple tailgate on Opening Day when he was sporting his “Even Lesbians Love Dickey” shirt.
Joe Janish, working off an interview on Sirius, decides to analyze which Mets are playing over their head this year, if any. 


JD at section 518 shares more than we need to know about one-out wins, but it’s still a good read.  Ryota Igarashi almost got two consecutive one-out wins last week, but the Mets squandered the opportunity in the bottom of the inning.

This isn’t a blogger, it’s actually about Bartolo Colon, but it’s interesting.  He got a stem cell treatment this offseason in his shoulder, and so far it’s been working wonders.

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