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Give Carlos Beltran Your Love

July 20th, 2011 by Ceetar in 2011, Baseball, hitting, Mets

Carlos Beltran is one of the all-time greatest Mets.  I know he doesn’t have a ring, but it’s not for lack of ability or clutch hitting.  He’s got a 1.3 career post-season OPS over 21 games.  He’s near the top in almost all franchise leaderboards.  He’s a leader in the clubhouse and cares about his team, and the community.  You couldn’t ask for a better guy than what we’ve gotten from Carlos Beltran over these last seven years.

It seems practically inevitable that he’ll be traded by the trading deadline even if many of us, emotionally, don’t want him to go.  With just two home games remaining before the trading deadline, time is growing short to thank Carlos Beltran for all he’s done.

So cheer when he’s announced. cheer when he makes a great play.  Cheer when he gets a hit, and when he draws a walk.  If he hits a home run, give him a curtain call that lets him know just how much he’s meant to us over these years. 

And if August first comes and he returns to Citi Field with the rest of the Mets?  Keep cheering, because he deserves it.

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  • We should absolutely cheer for Carlos Beltran during the next two games, and if he’s still a Met when they get back from their road trip, I agree that we should continue to cheer for him.

    However, if Beltran is still suiting up in the blue & orange on Aug. 1st, we should make sure to boo Sandy Alderson for misreading the trade market. Beltran is a great player and we should appreciate him, but trading him is important to help make the Mets better for 2012 and beyond.

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