Almost Every Met Is/Was Injured

Of all the players that have been on the major league roster this year for the Mets, only four of the opening 25 guys have missed no time with the Mets.


All four of those are starting pitchers. 

Update 8/24: Looks like Niese makes it three.

Hairston, Byrdak, Thole, and Harris only missed a couple of days due to bereavement, paternity or foul balls.

And three more got a late start, but have been here since mid-April

Isringhausen – Delayed until 4/11
Gee –  First Start April 17th
Turner – Up since the 19th of April

The Mets actually traded two of their healthier players.

Beltran – excepting brief bout of flu

Of particular note here is the position players.  Two of the bench guys, Hairston and Harris, have stayed healthy all season and Thole is the only regular.  Justin Turner, despite playing through some bruised thumbs, was added to the roster quickly and has remained on the field throughout.  Everyone else has gone to or from the minors or disabled list, or to another team. 

I’d say that’s probably a big factor in why the Mets have only around a .500 record on the season.

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