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2011 Mets Statistics You Probably Haven’t Heard

November 28th, 2011 by Ceetar in 2011, Baseball, Mets

Dillon Gee led all National League rookies with 13 wins.  Vance Worley was 2nd with 11.


Lucas Duda had the highest OBP and SLG among qualifying rookies. (.370 and .482)


Justin Turner was second, 30 to 32, in doubles for NL rookies.


Both Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan were in the top ten for hardest to double up.  Jose Reyes was the hardest man to strike out in the National League. (14.3 AB between strikeouts.  That’s like twice a week)


Jason Bay was tied, with 2, for the most Grand Slams in the NL.


The Mets were second, .264, in AVG in the NL, and second in OBP, .335.


They left 59 more players on base, 1257, than the Marlins who had the second most at 1198.  Mets opponents left 1230 on base.


7 of David Wright‘s 14 home runs were go-ahead home runs.


The Mets were 9-4 on Saturdays at home, 2-11 on Saturdays on the road.


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  • Some of those stats are very telling. The Mets didn’t have a great year but as a fan I would def. say that it was fun. What I was able to take from those stats is that they aren’t that far from being a possible playoff team. They got plenty of hits and plenty of people on base but didn’t drive in enough runs. That might change just with the new demensions in the OF. Plus with Davis coming back, Wright healthy, Bay playing better down the stretch and Duda another year in the lineup could feel like they got a big upgrade. I think their offense will be just fine this year and if they can land a closer to go along with Santana coming back they have a shot at a wild card. Even with Santana they still need another SP that can eat some innings and I think they will get that in a Jason Marquis type of player.

  • Cver

    Hi Mr. Ceetar! Nice going – I enjoyed the stats! Have a great winter!!

  • Dave

    Sounds like the Mets need some consistent pitching.

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