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First Mensiversary Gifts

It’s fun to celebrate marriage mensiversaries.  Rather than make note of it every year, we’ve decided to make note of it every month.   This isn’t that abnormal really, it’s just like having a regularly scheduled date night.  It’s an excuse to take time out to focus on your spouse and mark it in some way of celebration.  Nothing we do is hugely involved or deeply complicated.  We simply make a point to do something out of the ordinary or special to celebrate our marriage.  We try to do something different every month, but as the months mount it might be hard to keep that up.


Our first mensiversary snuck up on us pretty fast.  It’s actually what prompted us to celebrate.  I imagine noting the first month of marriage is something most couples notice, and we were no different.  Still basking in post-wedding bliss we decided it was a fun tradition to start.  Two weeks in Hawaii and Halloween being the first weekend we were back our first month was on us before we’d even really settled back to normal.  We decided to get fancy burgers from Bobby’s Burger Palace nearby in Paramus and decided the first mensiversary gift was gourmet hamburgers.


I’ve written about this before, but as time goes by I’m going to try to document every month’s moment.  Some are silly and some are born of convenience, but the purpose is always the same; recognize and remember our wonderful marriage.

May 22nd, 2012 by Ceetar in dinner, Food, life, marriage, mensiversary
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Celebrating Our First Month Wedding Anniversary

Between the amazing wedding and the unbelievable honeymoon to Hawaii, the letdown afterwards was quite harsh.  One of the ways we chose to mitigate that was to celebrate each month of our anniversary.   We weren’t doing this for excuses to buy huge presents or anything, but simply to recognize and remember.

We declared the one ‘monthiversary’ the gourmet hamburger anniversary.  We got burgers from Bobby’s Burger Palace and sat together and enjoyed them.  Bobby’s makes great burgers and it’s always a nice treat to eat them.  Certainly better than Bubba Burgers out of the freezer.

So nothing overly fancy or heavily planned out.  Just a simple dinner to represent one month of marriage bliss.

June 1st, 2011 by Ceetar in anniversary, dinner, marriage
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