My Opening Day: A Journey With Pictures

I started my day at the Apple’s tailgate.  Starting the day with beer and burgers and Mets fans before heading into the park is a fun way to go.  I had a burger and tweeted this picture at Ted Berg, which (along with the Apple’s invitation to come visit) drew him out of Citi Field.  It was great that he could find time to hang with us a bit; personally I would’ve been too nervous about getting to interview Ralph Kiner to eat much.


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Also at the tailgate was Kerel Cooper of GrevensEpiphany,OddMetsJerk,  The7line, featuring this great shirt.  He’s got some other great Mets gear on the site too.

Probably a handful of other people that I’m blanking on too, but it was nice meeting, or remeeting, all of them.

I went inside, and did a circle of the park, checking out the new things and the old things and just generally getting reacquainted with my summer home.(will be a full writeup on that too)   This year felt a little different; 2009 was new, and 2010 we were all anticipating the redecorated Mets additions and the Hall of Fame and Museum.  This year was just another year at the Mets home.  Welcome back, lets play some baseball.

My cousin’s husband is in the Coast Guard, and is a Mets fan, so he was lucky enough to be one of the 200 service men and women to display the giant flag on the field before the game.  He says he was behind SS, but I couldn’t tell from this distance anyway.

The Mets played a nice highlight reel of the 49 years of Mets history just before the team took the field to organ music playing Meet the Mets.



And of course, you can’t go wrong with a first pitch from Ralph Kiner.  Good choice to have Mookie Wilson be the ceremonial catcher.


Full album of pictures.

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