The Dilemma ofMeaningless West Coast Baseball

The Mets are on the west coast to play the San Diego Padres and tonight and tomorrow the game doesn’t start until after 10.  I’m not usually one to complain about this; normally I like the quiet nights when everything else has been done for the day and there is nothing left to do but sacrifice sleep to the Mets.

But this Mets team is out of the playoffs.  The Padres are out of the playoffs.  These games have almost no meaning and the Mets are missing some of their most watchable stars to injuries.  Additionally it’s early enough that I don’t feel the panic of “Pretty soon there will be no more baseball games, so I better savor every one” that comes mid-September.  There are still over a month worth of games to watch and they’ll happen at much better hours of the day and the Mets aren’t even playing well right now. 

So while baseball, particularly Mets baseball, is always worth watching, if there was a game or series to skip and get other things done, it’s this one.

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