Citi Field Food: Cleon(patra) Jones at Two Boots

ceetar.comIf you read this blog even occasionally you know I’m a big fan of food and drink and in particular like noting the food and drink at Citi Field.  I even have started referring to myself as the Citi Field Beer Expert.  So of course I was excited when I found out they were changing the name of the Cleopatra Jones pizza slice at Two Boots to the Cleon(patra) Jones.  Personally I think Two Boots at Citi Field should rename all the slices to Mets-themed slices.


Cleon did answer questions and chat with us, which was real cool of him.  I left most of the questions to some of the other guys, like Greg, but it was still a cool experience to be near a Mets legend. (One of many on the day) Check out some pictures of Cleon, and pizza.  And the pizza was good.  If you haven’t had a slice of it before, it’s a slice with sweet Italian sausage, roasted peppers, onions, garlic & mozzarella.  It’s an awesome mix of ingredients on Two Boots tasty crust.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Cleon Jones was on hand in part for his work with City Harvest.



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