Craft Beer At Citi Field: New Additions

I’ve updated the Citi Field Beer List to reflect the changes I noticed on Opening Day.


Craft Additions: Sixpoint Bengali Tiger, Kona Big Wave Golden Ale.

Craft Subtractions: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Magic Hat #9, Blue Point Cans.


Macro Additions: Redd Apple Ale. Third Shift Amber Lager, Budweiser Black Crown, Beck’s Sapphire.


This is a step back. The Bengali Ale is really nice, but the pushing of the more macro crafty imitations is poor when it seems to have come at the expense of some real beer. Still no dark beer to be seen.


I was very focused on baseball yesterday and haven’t gotten to do a full sweep of Citi Field or found my way into any of the clubs to see if there’s a hidden nugget. There are probably a couple of new additions I’ve missed, somewhere, and I’ll be back to find them.


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  • Mike

    Well, I happen to like the Bengali Tiger a lot more than the sweet action, and the 16 oz cans are a decent value…

  • Last year I generally went with the Blue Point Toasted Lager (draft) or Sweet Action (cans), from time to time I’ll have a Leffe Blond (or Dark) at Big Apple Brews. I like you would like Citi to feature more of the true craft beer, at least I have these to turn to.

  • VP

    Thanks for the intel dude. I’ll be at tomorrow’s game and I’m happy to know I can slam down a couple of my favorite (Sixpoint Bengali Tiger) beer.