Citi Field Gets A Yellow Card

I noticed this after the top of the 9th inning. Clearly they’re directing..something, but what? Security guys on the field? Cameras? Something else?

photo by Ceetar

They also had a blue card and a red card. I’m sure it’s a standard Red/Yellow/Green-Stop/wait/Go type system, though I don’t know what the ¬†blue is for.

photo by Ceetar


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  • Stephanie Giangrande

    They talked about this during a spring training game. Re: replay system, since manager has 10 seconds to get on the field and 30 seconds to challenge after a 3rd out they use the cards so they know when to go to commercial. I think blue is when the pitcher should be throwing final warmup pitchers.

    • Interesting. All the weird stuff going on behind the scenes.