Fix The Out Of Town Scoreboard

I’ve been complaining about the out of town scoreboard at Citi Field since 2009, and it’s about time I wrote out my complains in full pictorial glory.


Mainly that 0 outs in an inning comes after 2 outs in that inning. Here’s the scoreboard suggesting the Phillies are up with 2 outs in the top of the 6th inning.

Top 6, 2 outs.

If you’re like me you spend a lot of time tracking the other games. I love that, unlike Shea Stadium, we can track the games by out. As it turns out the next Phillies batter made an out and the inning was over. As all baseball fans know the Rangers would now bat in the bottom of the 6th.

bottom 6Now wait just a second. Why are the Phillies up again? There are no outs and the light indicates it’s the top of the inning. If I hadn’t just been watching it, I’d assume that game was in the top half, which we know is not true because a minute ago there were two outs.


A couple of minutes later the inning flips and the Rangers come to bat.

bottom of the 6thThis is what it should’ve displayed to begin with. We went from Top six two outs, to Top six no outs, to bottom six no outs. That doesn’t make sense. Flipping the inning marker should be a step in the end of an inning process. Some places do ‘Mid-6’ but Citi Field has no way to portray this, and it’s redundant. If there are no outs and no runners, it makes the first batter has yet to resolve. We don’t know to know whether he’s actually batting yet or not, the out of town scoreboard only needs to show us the result.


It seems like a simple fix to my techie mind, but it’s been lingering for more than five seasons and I can’t ┬ábe the only one to have noticed.


Another thing that I noticed last year was that if there were multiple interleague games, they didn’t all show up. You’ll notice the scoreboard only has room for American and National League with eight games a piece. Every once in a while there are three interleague games with six intraleague games and if all three interleague games are either in the NL or AL, that makes nine games for eight slots and one gets lost, despite the extra room on the other side.

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  • lovemymets

    With all the problems the Mets have (no closer, horrible first basemen, etc.) plus the spots in Citi Field where you can’t see the action and there are no viewing screens to see a replay (such as seats in the outfield), it’s only natural that there are problems with the out-of-town scoreboard. I wouldn’t expect anything less from this half-ass organization. As a long-time diehard Mets fan, I’ve earned the right to bitch and moan. I’m SO sick of the BS the front office throws our way, no matter WHAT is wrong. I agree with you 100%, especially when concerned what other teams are doing. This early in the season it may not be an issue, but as it progresses and fans become scoreboard-conscious, it’s an issue that MUST be corrected. At this rate, I think going back to having a guy behind the scenes, changing the information as it occurs, may not be such a bad idea!

  • Gariath

    Solution for the inter-league games…. Home team gets on their respective league’s board. Toronto playing in Cincinnati? Score shows on NL board.

    As for the other problems, go the Green Monster route, and have a damn manual scoreboard. lol

    • That’s precisely the problem though. When all three interleague games are in NL parks, there is no room.