New Citi Field Scoreboard Idea

I agree with many Mets fans that wish there was more Mets history at Citi Field. I tend towards wanting the little tokens rather than grand museums(or both). I think the stairways are too boring; they need a Mets logo on them. I’d like to see pictures of Mets, or the concession stands named after them.

I like the Lets Go Mets on the scoreboard. Maybe it’s a little cheesy, but it’s nice. I think it needs punctuation though. I think it should be Lets Go Mets! After all, aren’t we supposed to be shouting it?

In fact, why not two exclamation points? While you’re up there, why not connect it to Mets history, if only in a small way? One exclamation point for each championship, as seen in this photo.

From MetsStuff
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