Keith’s Grill And Custom Made Burgers

Keith’s grill, which I wrote about earlier this month, was featured on SNY the other night.

There are two different types of burgers that Keith Hernandez helped create, and both come with kettle chips and a Tootsie Roll pop.  You get whichever is the next flavor to come out of the box, although I’m sure the cashier wouldn’t be _too_ annoyed if you asked for a different one.

Right now they’re only set up to do one burger at a time, but they said they’re hoping to have both available for the next homestand.


The Mex Burger

On Wednesday I had the Mex Burger, and while I’d still give the edge to Shake Shack, it was a pretty tasty burger.  I look forward to trying the Gold Glove Burger when I get a chance.

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