Spring Training Is Finally Here

It’s arrived. The day we’ve been counting down towards since the Mets walked off the field last fall.  Pitchers and catchers are reporting to Port St. Lucie Florida to Digital Domain Park to being preparing to play baseball.


It’s a time of new beginnings and fresh starts.  The Mets begin 2012 with no players injured and everyone preparing together.  Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson now have a year of familiarity with the team and the organization and a better sense of what they’re capable of.  There are new faces and old ones.  Someone here is going to surprise us and have a breakout season.   There are going to be long majestic home runs arcing into the sky, diving catches on sinking liners, and curveballs making batters look funny and strike out.  Everything you love about baseball starts happening now, as the Mets start to get ready to play some exhibition games in two weeks.


Soon (March 5th, 6pm) the voices of Howie Rose and newly acquired Josh Lewin will drift out over the airwaves, talking about Mets this, and Mets that.  The Mets Extra jingle will play and we’ll hear Mets talk and interviews and daily sound bytes from Terry Collins. What could be better?  It’s baseball!


What to expect from Optimistic Mets Fan this year?  Think of these as my New Year’s Resolutions, because the baseball New Year starts now.


For one, I’ve got a couple of ticket giveaways planned.  That should be fun, but I should warn you: I’m probably going to request optimism from you to be eligible.

I plan to work on getting a working database on my own computer so I can tweet and post random stats that amuse me, as well as delve further into the understanding of baseball as a whole.

I also plan to interface with other bloggers better.  Whether this is linking them more, guest-writing, or talking on the various radio/podcast type shows out there only time will tell.

And I will continue to blog about beer as it pertains to baseball.  I’ll specifically update the Citi Field Beer List, as well as talk about what’s going on in other parks.  If you’re a beer fan of a non-NY baseball team and feel like helping me out, drop me an email.

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