Citi Field Needs a Beer

Whether or not you believe the season is over or if the Mets can come back from this recent slump, I think we can all agree that we need another beer to watch right?


I was at the game Friday night where it rained half the night and was breezy and pretty chilly.  I walked up to the Craft Beer Dugout and the first thing I thought was “A nice porter would really hit the spot right now.”  The Mets do not sell any dark beers, not even Guinness.  The closest option is probably the Leffe Brown, and that’s an import.


There are plenty of other cool summer evenings, and there are cold games in April, September, and maybe even in October some years.  A nice roasty porter or stout would really be a great option for those games.  Brooklyn Brewery makes a dry Irish Stout that’s very tasty, and you could even re-brand it the Daniel Murphy Stout.


The lack of a broad variety is park of what keeps the competitive Citi Field Beer from being a true champion. I suggest Sixpoint Diesel.

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